Monday, June 20, 2011

Pups at 2 Weeks

OK. Here are the little monsters at 2 weeks of age. Sitting up, growling at you when you walk in.  Starting to hear more things. Eyes opening and nearly 4 lbs in weight for the males. Females about 3.5 lbs.  All of them looking good


Just Another Savage! said...

Just came across your blog and say good stuff to you! Are you selling or giving away any of these pups. I would be interested. I hunt pigs in the south with Plotts, and Jagds. Located in Alabama.
Audwin McGee

Mike Bilbo said...

Hello Audwin. Sorry but haven't updated the site for some weeks now and just noticed your comment. Yes, I am selling some of these pups. Bringing some of them to a hunting sighthound event this weekend in NE. I am thinking they would work well on feral pigs as they are going to be big powerful hounds with the sire being a Deerhound. Send me an email if you have any interest.