Saturday, August 30, 2008

Daughter of H

Before Scorch had passed away, I had planned at some time to breed her to a friend of mines hound named H. Yep, just H. He is a well put together coyote hound. Nothing exceptionally exciting to look at except when he is coursing a coyote. Even at nearly 12 years old, he is an amazing hound to watch. I had the privilege of a hunt with both Scorch and H last winter when my friends from Missouri were out for a visit. That convinced me that H needed to be the sire of a litter of pups with Scorch. Unfortunately, that never happened. In talking to my friend Jon Ware, who owns H, he mentioned that he had a litter of pups by him. There is an ash blue colored bitch in that litter that no one wanted but Jon said she was his pick of the litter of the bitchs. Well, if I couldn't have a pup from Scorch, this seemed like the next best thing. Jon said nobody wanted her because of her color. They took all the males right off and then the brindle colored and black bitches. Jon was amazed that she was left. Now I trust Jon's eye much more than mine and he was convinced that she was going to be a terrific coyote hound. Well, we talked a good deal and worked out what we needed and I made the trip to Wyoming to get this little gal. She is growing like a week and is a pleasure to be around. Still trying to come up with a name for her but I am real pleased with what I see so far. She is nicely put together. Great feet and bone and if she is half of what her father is, I will be a fortunate man to have her.