Monday, July 16, 2007

This One Didn't Make The Fence

Was out walking the Staghounds this evening and about a 1/4 mile out my older hound Scorch is off like a shot heading straight East in my pasture. Mace and Strike are close on her heals. I am running like a madman trying to get to high ground to see what is going on. I get to a rise on the hill just in time to see Scorch get some teeth into a coyote. The thing manages to get out of her grip and through a gate to my neighbors house. She goes under the gate after it but it has too big a lead and a short distance of about 200 yards to the next fence line. It gets away. I was excited about the course as it was a good one. I pull out the hunt horn and give it a blast for victory. Sounded a bit like a wounded elephant at this point and I will keep practicing on it. When I blew the horn however, it startled a second coyote that was about 40 or 50 yards away standing in some deep prairie grass. It made the mistake of running straight west toward my house. The Staghounds were all over this one and caught it in about 300 yards right next to the fenced part of my yard. Scorch and Mace had this bugger stretched out. Strike was making a few lunging bites but not a big participant just yet. This predator was not giving up easy and he was laying teeth into anything that got near him. Scorch has a lot of punctures and Mace has a few as well. For a moment, the hounds had this guy up against the fence and one of my terriers, Tory had this guy by the ass end and was trying her darnedest to pull him through the fence butt first. I asked my wife to get me a little pistol to humanely put him down as he was pretty torn up. She brings me a 357 revolver. I asked her if she had anything bigger. Just kidding her. She wondered if it wouldn't work. I said it will do. A quick pull of the trigger and he was in coyote heaven dreaming of the days when he could kill off peoples pets for dinner. This predator won't be doing that any longer.