Thursday, December 09, 2010

Staghound Pups out of Mace

Well here are the 2 remaining puppies from the Mace x Strike litter.  The pup with the white face is the male we call Blaze and the all brindle tiger stripe one is the female that Darlene named Bonus as she showed up in the morning as an additional puppy when we thought Mace was finished with delivering all her pups.  At 11 weeks of age in this photo, Blaze is weighing in at 25 lbs. I think he is going to be a fairly large hound if his feet and bone are any indication of his adult size since his feet are almost the size of his parents. Could end up in the 90 to 100 lb size and 30" at the withers.  Bonus is weighing in at 19 lbs and will likely be about her mother's size when grown.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Staghound Pups out of Mace

Well they are here. Born September 19.  Had 7 total with 3 males and 4 females. All are a brindle color like their sire, Strike.  You can see both parents on earlier posts of this blog.  4 to 5 of these pups are already spoken for so if you have an interest in a good hunting hound, call soon.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


For you real running hound fanatics, this photo should make your pulse quicken. This is a hound that belonged to Scott Rios in Idaho.  Grace is one of the most picture perfect hounds that I have seen and this photo of her sitting next to a coyote that she dispatched in the wide open running grounds of Idaho is what all of us sighthound fans dream of. Sadly, Grace passed away at a much too early age of only 3.  Fortunately, Scott has some of her pups to carry this beautiful line on.
He says that he has more photos of her hunting everything from bunnies to bears and everything in between.
I will share those stories as I get them.