Monday, June 06, 2011

American Deerhounds

I kind of have to laugh about this as we are in the age of designer dogs.  Well I guess these are designer hounds. Outcrossed to perform a specific type of work.  I guess most every breed started out this way.  Nearly every person that sees these hounds comments that they look just like Deerhounds and my response is "Think of them as American Deerhounds"  and then they just seem fine with it for some reason. The Staghound explanation just seems to confuse people.

Well here they are. 9 all together.  4 males and 5 females.  All seem to be doing well and Mace is the best mother ever. Going to drag her away from them this afternoon to wash the green off her white leg.  Most are a dark brindle color.  I was shocked this morning to see one of them actually standing, although kind of wobbly but standing none the less and then walking around the whelping box.  A few people have asked what the actual mix of this group of hounds is. Mace is 3/4 Staghound and 1/4 NGA Greyhound. Kingston is 100% Scottish Deerhound. Talk about a possible combination that might take down some of these feral hogs that are over running the Southern part of our country. Speed, size and power. At any rate these pups will be a full 1/2 Scottish Deerhound from the Sire, 3/8 Staghound and 1/8 NGA Racing Greyhound. A very interesting pedigree makeup.  A quick comment on the timing of this litter.  The past litter was unplanned as it was in winter. Would have tried it at some point but winter time puppies are difficult.  The current litter is the one that was planned as I would not breed a bitch again normally in just 9 months. Mace is still recovering from a hunting accident where her leg was injured so it just seemed like the right time for this one.

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