Thursday, February 15, 2007

This is Skye

This is Skye, formerly Blue a Ben Hardaway breeding Staghound/Lurcher
that was one of eight puppies. There were 3 bitches and 5 dogs in this
litter. All of them were very nice. This girl has exceptionally interesting
markings that I have never seen in a staghound. She is on her way to our friends
Dan and Marlene in Southwest Wisconsin to be a companion to the hunt terriers
of Anglo Terra. When she is full grown, she will be marking settes, coursing
bolted quarry and tumbling a few snowshoe hares as well as being coyote protection
for the terriers. She was whelped December 1, 2006. A very nice hound indeed.


dan said...

Hi Mike this is my first blog comment. Thank you for caring for Skye until Marlene picks her up in Kansas. We are VERY excited to be adding Skye to our family. This spring should be interesting training her in obedence and coursing I look forward to the challenge. You will be hearing from me many times as questions on this special breed arise. I look forward to seeing you and Darlene at the show in Nebraska. Thanks again, Dan

Lucherlad said...

Hi Mike
So sorry to hear about Scorch, been there a few times myself, nothing else to be said. I am over in England where things have to be discreet but we try and keep at it, for the love of the hounds the wildlife and just being out there.
Keep up the blog, just got a sixth generation Deerhound Greyhound, similar to Scorch but with a bit of a coat
All the best Lurcherlad

Matt said...


I previously owned a lurcher whose parents were from Ben Hardaway's Breeding. I am looking to get another lurcher and am wondering if you have the contact information for Ben Hardaway's Breeding. Do you breed lurchers yourself?