Friday, February 09, 2007

Strike Update

This is Strike at 8 months. He is a typical Staghound pup, just full of himself and wanting to play all the time. He is almost joined at the hip with Mace as they spend most of their day running and playing with each other. He is quite good natured and we spend time in training to some extent almost daily. His recall is great. Working on loading in the truck. Weight wise, he is pushing 65 lbs. I would guess his adult weight to top out somewhere about 90 lbs +/-. In the field, he has shown great promise as he eagerly courses Jack Rabbits when I have had him up in Wyoming. His lack of physical maturity does not give him much hope of running them down at this stage in his life but he is certainly game enough.


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Paul said...

I have been looking into getting a deerhound and was at a coursing event today and heard about staghounds. Do you know of any breeders near me (Columbus, OH). I would love to learn more about them and get to meet some. Thanks. Paul