Friday, March 28, 2008

Need A New Home For Dottie

This is a 14 month old Staghound female that is needing a new home. She is house trained, good on a lead and in the car. Gets along well with small dogs as she lives with a Minpin and a Jack Russell. She just needs more room to run and a home where someone will be with her for more of the day. Both owners presently work and she is confined to either a crate or a small room in their house. She is so excited to get out when the owners get home that she has been knocking down their small children when running around the back yard. Husband is unhappy about it and says she must go to a new home. She is quite game and loves to course rabbits and has even pointed gamebirds. Must be some pointer in there someplace. She is spayed and in typical sighthound fashion had broken her constantly wagging tail and it had to be removed recently. She has not been left unattended for long periods during the day in their yard as she has shown an ability to scale tall fences. Currently in Cheyenne, WY. I am in Denver and will be traveling to Eastern Kansas within the next few weeks and could assist with transport that direction.


eponasprite said...

Hope Dottie found a new home. I am intrigued by her similarity to my own (pound rescue) dog-he looks like a Geryhound X Terrier(?) He was advertized as a Wolfhound X *I don't think so.*

Best Wishes

eponasprite said...

That would be "Greyhound" D'oh!