Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Haven't Gone Away

Here in the Rockies we occasionally have winter. This year it has been the winter from Hell. 3 Blizzards back to back over a 3 week period. I have never shoveled so much snow in my life and we are preparing for another onslot this weekend when the high temps are hovering around 0 and we are supposed to have snow from Thursday through Sunday. Snow is so deep that the hounds can not run. They are falling into drifts way over their heads. Will start making more posts when the weather cooperates some. Don't give up. Check back and if you have a good hunt story with a photo or two, contact me!


fastk9 said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. Good to see the big hounds are out and hunting game.
I stopped at a greyhound race track in Colorado ten years ago, no racing going on but the kennel people gave me a short tour and they didn't believe that I coursed rabbits with greyhounds they thought it had been outlawed.
I have 5 gryhnds grandpa , mom and 3 sons from 2 seperate breedings. The youngest 2 are 15 weeks old and were blooded on Sunday when mom got in on a kill and brought half a hare back to the pups and the boys played keep-away and tug-a-war for 20 min. before settling doing and eating a bite.
I'm looking forward to future blogs.

Mike Bilbo said...

glad you enjoy it. Will try to post as often as possible with hunt stories.

Jackrabbit said...

I'm thinking of moving to Limon within the next six months.
How far are you from there?
I have been coursing hares since I was five. I have Whippets.

Most of my coursing in the US has been around Medicine Bow and the Shirley Basin.